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Art and culture

Art and culture

Perhaps because of their beautiful landscape and pervasive silence or due to their intense natural surroundings, the village of Brè Lugano and Mount Brè have always inspired their inhabitants and attracted artists from other places. Among the most famous artists native to Brè Lugano are: Pasquale Gilardi (Lelèn), Silvio Gilardi, Pietro Gilardi, Mario Gilardi, Luigi Taddei, Julio Dominguez Taddei, Iride Demarchi, Emilienne Caratti. Native artists still active include: Marco Prati to Brè (sculpture), Nadia Sabbioni to Carrara (sculpure), Claudio Taddei to Agno (music, painting), Rossana Taddei to Montevideo (music), Claudio Prati to Lugano (computer art), Silvano Gilardi to Mendrisio (restoration), Piero Gilardi to Torino (sculpture), Fausto Tenzi to Lugano (lyric poet), Sandro Schneebeli to Bedigliora (music, composition, production), Antonio Scopazzini to Brè (painting, sculpture), Valentina (Tina) Scopazzini to Auckland New Zealand (film production, video editing).

Other artists chose the town as their home: József Biró, Hungary (painting), Wilhelm Schmid (painting), Maria Metz-Schmid, Germany (lyric poet), Aligi Sassu, Italy (painting), Richard Schumacher (Masterplayer orchestra), Walther Grimm (composer), Paul Swiridoff, Russia (picture), Michel Poletti (Theatre Antonin Artaud, puppet), Michèle Theillet-Poletti, France (Theatre Antonin Artaud, puppet).
The village of Brè Lugano boasts a museum dedicated to Wilhelm Schmid. Unfortunately since 2015 the museum Wilhelm Schmid is closed.
Moreover, the streets are brightened up with a number of artworks that further enhance the already quaint center of town.
We find works by Aligi Sassu, Gianfredo Camesi, Ivo Soldini, Maria Pia Borgnini, Marco Prati, Al Fadhil El Ukrufi, Rosanna Carloni, Armando Losa, Petra Weiss, Emilio Rissone, Giuliano Togni, Fra Roberto Pasotti, Franco Franchi, Nena Airoldi, Antonio Lüönd, Piergiorgio Piffaretti, Giancarlo Tamagni, Fernando Bordoni, Orio Galli, Gianmarco Torriani, Antonio Scopazzini, Lorenzo Cambin, 108 Guido Bisagni, Egon Schneebeli, Luigi Taddei, Pasquale Gilardi, Gianni Realini, Francesco Tenzi, Giuseppe Mazzotti, Apollonio Pessina, József Biró, Wilhelm Schmid.

Brè Lugano, a village of art and artists that perfectly blends with the Lugano Cultural Center, in the context of LAC Lugano Arts and Culture, diverse artistic expressions, Art Galleries and the Lugano Museum of Art.